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Alaska Mileage Plan Value 07.30.18

Alaska Mileage Plan Value

Alaska Airlines’ Mileage Plan continues to be disappointing. While redemptions that did exist were decent, availability was terrible, only 51.85%. Furthermore, this lack of award space has held relatively steady since we last performed a full reckoning in March. Back then, it was just 50.63%. Not a good sign for things to come. After all calculations were complete, we ended up with an ACRV of just $0.0084 per Alaska Mileage Plan mile. Sadly, this is represents a 29% increase in value over the prior period.

Current Previous Period Change
US Domestic Value $0.0078 $0.0069 $0.0009
International Value $0.0091 $0.0061 $0.0030
Overall ACRV $0.0084 $0.0065 $0.0019
US Domestic Non-Zero Average $0.0138 $0.0118 $0.0020
International Non-Zero Average $0.0363 $0.0291 $0.0072
Non-Zero Average $0.0251 $0.0204 $0.0047
Award Availability 51.85% 50.63% 1.22%
Average Fees $55.5952 $23.0800 $32.5152

Alaska Mileage Plan Value Distribution 07.30.18

As is the case with most award redemptions, the greatest ROI is going to come from international premium cabin travel. Despite not having much of an international presence, Alaska does codeshare book on many other carriers, most notably, American, British Airways and Emirates.

One particularly frustrating aspect of Alaska’s booking system is the fact that they advertise premium cabin award availability so long as there is a single leg in the advertised cabin. In other words, a flight from San Francisco to Hong Kong would be presented as a first class award if the San Francisco to LA positioning flight was in first, even if the LAX to HKG leg were in coach. To be fair, many carriers do this, but Alaska seems to do it more often than not. In my opinion, this is false advertising.

Though international award availability was generally dismal, we did find a bit of a sweet spot. While not normally included in our evaluations, Alaska offers premium economy award seats on some partner airlines. For only 5K additional miles over the price of coach, one is able to  book a seat in Qantas’ premium economy cabin. Just for fun, we priced this exact itinerary, and found it to cost $2,103.00. If one were to book at the price below, they would be getting a redemption value of $0.0432/mile.

Redemption Count
Exceptional >$0.06 3
Great $0.04-0.06 3
Good $0.03-0.04 4
Respectable $0.02-0.03 6
Acceptable $0.01-0.02 10
Terrible <$0.01 16
No Availability 39

The table above does not paint a pretty picture. Most awards are in our acceptable/terrible categories and only a handful in the upper tiers. Our best for the month was actually an exceptional redemption. A first class award seat was offered between Dallas and Hong Kong for 110,000 miles + $19.00 in fees. Just to be clear, this was for a real first-class ticket. Not a BS hybrid coach Alaska special. The lowest priced cash alternative was $9,571, providing an award value of $0.0868 per mile. We’d be proud of that.

Alaska Mileage Plan Best Value 07.30.18

Compared to it’s Peers

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