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capital one venture rewards value 02/01/2020

Capital One Venture Rewards Value

Updated February 2nd, 2020

Capital One Venture Rewards are a relative newcomer to the Points and Miles game. Compared to the tried and true Ultimate or Membership Rewards, players are still figuring out Capital One’s offering.

After duly evaluating all transfer partners, we’re assigning an ACRV of 1.65¢ to each Capital One Venture Reward. This represents a slight decline in value since we initially covered the program in 2018.

Let’s Talk Transfer

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Transfering Capital One Venture Rewards to an airline opens up the possibility to redeem for ultra-high valued awards. The stuff points and miles dreams are made of. At the time of publishing, the most valuable transfer partner is Air Canada’s Aeroplan. That said, this program has a very big asterisk over it at the moment. Late last year, Air Canada “upgraded” their booking portal. Quotes surround the word upgraded because the net result for those trying to redeem was disaster. In the months since, those redeeming Aeroplan miles online have been met with website timeouts and errors. Those calling for help have been hung up on, put indefinitely on hold or disconnected. Because of this, we really haven’t updated our valuation for the carrier since last year. So, take that with a grain of salt.

Disclaimers about the age of some data aside, we can see 3 carriers with at least one hypothetical redemption exceeding 4¢ per point. To put that in context, if the savvy traveler were to place value over patience, turning that 50,000 point signup bonus currently offered on the Venture Rewards Credit Card into $2,000 worth of airfare is not impossible.

capital one venture rewards transfer partners value 02/01/2020

So What About Real-World Expectations

The bell curve below represents the normal distribution of all theoretical redemptions made via Capital One’s transfer partners. For an explanation of why the average does not equal our ACRV, see our methodology here. Most recently, our average redemption was 0.44¢, with a standard deviation of 0.85¢. This means, that theoretically, 68% of award redemptions should occur between 0(excluding negatives) and 1.29¢ per point. Of course, in practice, nobody would ever consider redeeming for less than 1¢, as they could simply cash out at that point.

capital one venture rewards value distribution 02/01/2020

Other Ways to Use Capital One Venture Rewards

Use Capital One’s Travel Booking Portal ~1¢
Purchase Gift Cards ~1¢
Erase Travel Purchases ~1¢
Get Cash Back ~0.5¢

Final Thoughts

Chase Ultimate Rewards and American Express Membership Rewards are the two major league teams in the Points and Miles game. This makes Capital One Venture Rewards and Citi ThankYou Points AAA players. Although less valuable, they’re still worth exploring. Currently, the Venture Rewards Credit Card is offering a 50,000 point signup bonus. Taking our valuation at face value, and we get a signup bonus worth $825. Consider the first year’s fee is waived, that’s all profit. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

Compared to It’s Peers

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