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avianca lifemiles value 01/15/2020

Avianca LifeMiles Value

Avianca Lifemiles has really made some strides over the last several years. They’re now one of the best ways to use Citi ThankYou Points for award seats on Star Alliance carriers. Call it bad luck or a bad day, but last year, during our last reckoning, we found dismal award availability. This year, it’s up 34% to a respectable 55. Previously, this lack of availability wrecked Avianca Lifemiles’ value. This month, we’re happy to present an ACRV of 1.01¢ per Avianca Lifemile. This represents an increase of 105%.

Current Previous Period $ Change % Change
Columbia-Centric Value 1.14¢ n/a n/a
International Value 0.88¢ 0.71¢ +0.17¢ +23%
Overall ACRV 1.01¢ 0.40¢ +0.61¢ +151%
Columbia-Centric Value 1.95¢ n/a n/a
International Value 3.27¢ 1.42¢ +1.85¢ +130%
Non-Zero Average 2.61¢ 1.27¢ +1.34¢ +105%
Award Availability 55% 21% n/a +34%
Average Fees $29.14 $38.48 -$9.34 -24%

avianca lifemiles value distribution 01/15/2020This month, our straight average was 1.33¢ per mile while our non-zero average was a fantastic 2.61¢. For anyone unfamiliar with the term “non-zero average”, it’s simply referring to an un-discounted average which excludes zeros(findings of no availability).  Plotting our hypothetical redemption’s normal distribution above, and we get a nice looking bell curve. We typically like to see a peak above 1¢ per point or mile with some upside north of 3¢. We get that here, so we’re happy.
Avianca provides a great Star Alliance award search tool

Avianca provides a great Star Alliance award search tool

Redemption Count
Exceptional >6¢ 2
Great 4-5.99¢ 4
Good 3-3.99¢ 5
Respectable 2-2.99¢ 10
Acceptable 1-1.99¢ 17
Terrible <1¢ 5
No Availability 35
Award Availability 55.13%

What table above, and chart below tell us is that Avianca offers some nice upside in addition to a slew of very average redemption opportunities. Our best for the month was an economy seat from Houston(IAH) to São Paulo(GRU). It was offered for just 30,000 Lifemiles + $5.60 in fees. The lowest-priced cash alternative was $1,842. This provides an exceptional redemption value of 6.12¢ per point.

avianca lifemiles best and worst value 01/15/2020

Compared to It’s Geographical Peers

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