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AeroMexico Club Premier Value 03.01.18

AeroMexico Club Premier Value – Light

AeroMexico’s Club Premier program is a semi-reliable, if otherwise unremarkable loyalty program. As the title indicates, this is a “light” reckoning. We do these for smaller carriers that don’t really have any peers in a region and that partner with one of the major card issuers. In this case, AeroMexico partners with Amex and one can transfer their Membership Rewards to the program. Though we likely wouldn’t recommend doing so. After running the numbers, we’re assigning an ACRV of $0.0031 to each AeroMexico Club Premier point.

ACRV $0.0031
Non-zero Average $0.0054
Award Availability 76.67%
Average Fees $59.78

AeroMexico Club Premier Value Distribution 03.01.18

Unfortunately, despite very good availability, redeeming an Club Premier point never yielded much value. As shown in the example below, some of the required mileage was just obscene.

AeroMexico Club Premier Example

Although we ended up being disappointed with our hypothetical redemption values, we were impressed with Club Premier’s revamped award booking portal. It’s clean, functional and makes searching multiple days a breeze. In it’s prior iteration, a US based traveler had to call reservations to book. However, that appears to no longer be the case. We were never given any warnings and were able to proceed to the passenger information screen.

AeroMexico Club Premier New Website

Redemption Count
Exceptional >$0.06 0
Great $0.04-0.06 0
Good $0.03-0.04 0
Respectable $0.02-0.03 0
Acceptable $0.01-0.02 1
Terrible <$0.01 7
No Availability 7

As shown in the table above and the chart below, high-value award redemptions appear to be a bit of a unicorn. Theoretically, one could fly one of AeroMexico’s Dreamliners to Europe or Asia. Sadly, we weren’t actually able to find an open award seat. The best we could do for the month was an economy seat from Miami to São Paulo. This was offered for 48,000 points plus $44.60. The lowest priced cash alternative was $753, giving us a value of $0.0148.

AeroMexico Club Premier Best & Worst Value 03.01.18

Club Premier might be of use to a US based traveler looking to burn some miles on a flight between the States and Latin America. Other than that specific scenario, look elsewhere.

For more information about how we value airline/hotel and other award currencies, please visit our valuation method and changelog pages.