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Marriott Rewards Value

It’s been a busy couple of months for anyone paying attention to the Marriott and subsidiaries’ award programs. Starwood Preferred Guest and The Ritz-Carlton Rewards programs have ceased existing as standalone programs. Much like Hilton Honors and IHG Rewards Club, Marriott offers a very reliable redemption experience. Also like the aforementioned, we’re reducing our usual reduction factor of 25% to 10. However, unlike it’s hotel peers, Marriott offers some nice upside, and one is not stuck with $0.005/point awards. After this month’s reckoning was completed, we assigned an ACRV of $0.0010 to each Marriott Rewards point.

Current Previous Period Change
30 Day Average $0.0103 $0.0072 $0.0031
60 Day Average $0.0097 $0.0074 $0.0023
ACRV $0.0100 $0.0073 $0.0027
30 Day Non-Zero $0.0143 $0.0080 $0.0063
60 Day Non-Zero $0.0119 $0.0092 $0.0027
Average Non-Zero $0.0131 $0.0086 $0.0045
Award Availability 85.00% 95.00% -10.00%

Sadly, this month, there were three data points with no award availability. All at Ritz-Carlton properties. Coincidence, I doubt it. We feel the same about this as we do about any other blacked-out date. We hate it. The fact that a hotel chain would say they’re off-limits to their most loyal customers really annoys us.

Marriott Rewards Value Distribution 08/24/2018

The chart above tells us that you’re quite likely to redeem your Marriott Reward points for $0.0131/each, give or take a cent. Our standard deviation is $0.0088, this means that, theoretically, 68% of award redemptions should occur between $0.0043 and $0.0219.

Redemption Count
Exceptional >$0.06 0
Great $0.04-0.06 0
Good $0.03-0.04 2
Respectable $0.02-0.03 0
Acceptable $0.01-0.02 7
Terrible <$0.01 8
No Availability 3

The chart above looks decent, for a hotel chain. If it were an airline, it would be terrible. Our best for the month came from a week-long stay at The Ritz-Carlton New York, Central Park. This was offered for $7,657.63 in cash or $1,500 plus 180,000 points. The latter providing a redemption value of 3.42¢ per point. That’s actually quite fantastic for a hotel point that’s not part of the former SPG program.

Marriott Rewards Best and Worst Value 08/24/2018

Unlike Hilton and IHG, Marriott provides a potentially legitimate opportunity to transfer a credit card point for some solid value. However, we would still recommend keeping Ultimate Rewards right where one earned them, at Chase. At least until one has a specific, high value redemption in mind.

Compared to it’s Peers

For more information about how we value airline/hotel and other award currencies, please visit our valuation method and changelog pages.

As of AUG 2018, Marriott Rewards points are worth $0.0100 each. At Points Reckoning, we use data, not feelings, to accurately value award currencies. #travel #frequentflyer #marriottrewards