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Virgin Atlantic Flying Club Value 02.18.18

Virgin Atlantic Flying Club Value

The (somewhat) objective valuation of Virgin Atlantic Flying Club miles is so low it appears to be a joke. Unfortunately, it’s not. This month, we’re placing a value of $0.0004, that’s literally 4/100’s of a cent. In other words, 100,000 of them would be worth $40. While I personally believe they are worth more, we can’t simply adjust our valuation method on the fly to accommodate them.

Intra-Europe Value 0.0000
International Value 0.0009
Combined ACRV $0.0004
Intro-Europe Non-zero Average 0.0000
International Non-zero Average 0.0124
Overall Non-zero Average $0.0062
Virgin Atlantic Flying Club Distribution 02.18.18
Virgin Atlantic’s miles are so useless to US based travelers it broke our curve

As we’ve seen with some other European carriers, the value of a Virgin Atlantic Flying Club mile is absolutely eviscerated by lack of award availability. We were able to find a couple options flying from London to New York, and outside of that, on our prescribed dates, there was nothing. Furthermore, the city pairs bookable via their award site leaves a massive amount to be desired. Only flights between the UK and a handful of global hubs are available. Considering they code share with Delta(who is a minority shareholder in the company) and number of smaller regional carriers, we simply don’t see how this passes for acceptable.

Virgin Atlantic Flying Club Availability 02.18.18

Keeping everything said above in mind, there is a small amount of value to be found here. Our best redemption for the month came from a single business class seat being offered for 57,500 miles and $503.17 in fees. The lowest price cash alternative was priced at $1595, giving us a redemption value of $0.019. This taken alone is an accetable redemption value. However, considering its the best we could do, it’s absolutely terrible.

Virgin Atlantic Flying Club Best and Worst 02.18.18

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