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virgin atlantic flying club miles value 01/07/2020

Virgin Atlantic Flying Club Value

Updated January 7th, 2020

The (somewhat) objective valuation of Virgin Atlantic Flying Club miles is so low it appears to be a joke. Unfortunately, it’s not. This month, we’re placing a value of 0.27¢. In other words, 100,000 of them would be worth $270. While I personally believe they are worth more, I can’t simply adjust our valuation method on the fly to accommodate.

Whenever presenting low’ish valuations, I always like to remind readers what this number means. It’s a discounted average, not a hypothetical best-case. Exact calculation steps are documented on our valuation methodology page.

Although this number doesn’t sound good, and it isn’t, it does represent a significant improvement from last year, when we calculated an appalling 0.004¢!

Current Previous Period $ Change % Change
US Domstic Value 0.05¢ 0.00¢ +0.05¢ n/a
International Value 0.49¢ 0.09¢ +0.40¢ +444%
Overall ACRV 0.27¢ 0.00¢ +0.27¢ +6649%
US Domestic Non-Zero Average 1.20¢ 0.00¢ +1.20¢ n/a
International Non-Zero Average 2.74¢ 1.24¢ +1.50¢ +121%
Non-Zero Average 1.97¢ 0.62¢ +1.35¢ +218%
Award Availability 15% 6% n/a +10%
Average Fees $223.43 $235.89 -$12.46 -5%
combined delta virgin atlantic route map
Delta-Virgin Atlantic combined route map as of 01/08/2020

Also worth mentioning, is that I consider Virgin Atlantic’s Flying Club to be something of a hybrid US-domestic/European program. Due to Delta’s 49% stake in the company, intra-US award booking opportunities far exceed intra-European ones. As a result of this, I’ve come up with an ad-hoc basket of city-pairs that cover their combined route map.

virgin atlantic flying club miles value distribution 01/07/2020

As we’ve seen with some other European carriers, the value of a Virgin Atlantic Flying Club mile is absolutely eviscerated by a lack of award availability. This month, we found award availability on 15% of our hypothetical routes/fare classes. To be fair, this is actually an improvement over last year, which stood at just 6%. Quite often, one is presented with the following error when searching available award space.

virgin atlantic flying club award availability
An error encountered far too often when searching Virgin Atlantic award space.

Now, for Some Good News

Keeping everything above in mind, we did discover a small number truly great award booking opportunities. Our best redemption for the month came from an economy-class award seat. Virgin Atlantic was offering for just $149.50 in fees + 12,500 miles. The lowest priced cash-alternative was $864, providing a redemption value of 5.72¢.

Redemption Count
Exceptional >6¢ 0
Great 4-5.99¢ 4
Good 3-3.99¢ 0
Respectable 2-2.99¢ 1
Acceptable 1-1.99¢ 3
Terrible <1¢ 4
No Availability 66
Award Availability 15.38%

virgin atlantic flying club miles best and worst value 01/07/2020

Compared to Geographical Peers

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For more information about how we value airline/hotel and other award currencies, please visit our valuation method and changelog pages.