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Iberia Plus Value 02.15.18

Iberia Plus Value

Trying to find out how much Iberia Plus Avios are worth is an adventure filled with contradictions. Trying to view award availability on their website generates moments of euphoria and moments of despair. One moment, you’re fighting with an anti-spam captcha straight out of the 90’s, the next you’re being presented with an award booking worth almost $0.10 a mile. So while availability is generally poor and their website is generally terrible, some great opportunities do exist. After running the numbers, and unfortunately averaging in numerous zeros, we’re placing an ACRV of $0.0094 per Iberia Plus Avios.

Intra-Europe Value 0.0077
International Value 0.0111
Combined ACRV $0.0094
Intro-Europe Non-zero Average 0.0162
International Non-zero Average 0.0283
Overall Non-zero Average $0.0222

While this isn’t great, and far short of other carriers, all is not lost. If it weren’t for the pesky lack of availability, they would be worth $0.0222, that’s actually very good.

Iberia Plus Value Distribution 02.15.18

Our best redemption this month came from an economy run from Rome(FCO) to Los Angeles(LAX). The lowest priced cash alternative was a hefty $2,353, but Ibera was offering a similar flight for only 29,000 and $224.40 in fees. This gives us a phenomenal $0.0734/mile redemption value.

Iberia Plus Best and Worst Value 02.15.18

One more thing, a warning. I just wanted to take a second and pass along a potentially troubling phenomenon I noticed: unreliable award quotes. For example, on more than one occasion, I’d search for availability and get a result. Then I’d refresh, or my session would log out because I got distracted and the award would disappear. Now I know that award availability does not exist in a persistent state. However, never have I seen so much fluctuation is such a short about of time. So, my advice is this: if you’re considering transferring some highly valuable Ultimate Rewards, call their award booking line first, and confirm you’ll actually be able to spend what you send.

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