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Alitalia Millemiglia value 12/29/2019

Alitalia Millemiglia Value

Updated December 29th, 2019

Not much here, that’s how I would sum up the value of an Alitalia Millemiglia mile. Like many European carriers, Alitalia suffers from a massive lack of award availability. Furthermore, the few award seats available are priced exorbitantly high. Especially on international, premium-cabin itineraries. This contrasts with many competing carriers, where you’ll typically find the most value when crossing a border. This month, we’re placing an abysmal value of 0.18¢ per Millemiglia mile. This represents a decline of approximately 64% since last year.

Current Previous Period $ Change % Change
Intra-Europe Value 0.28¢ 0.58¢ -0.30¢ -52%
International Value 0.09¢ 0.42¢ -0.33¢ -79%
Overall ACRV 0.18¢ 0.50¢ -0.32¢ -64%
Intra-Europe Non-Zero Average 0.95¢ 1.01¢ -0.06¢ -6%
International Non-Zero Average 0.41¢ 0.83¢ -0.42¢ -51%
Non-Zero Average 0.68¢ 0.92¢ -0.24¢ -26%
Award Availability 33% 71% n/a -37%
Average Fees $165.37 $171.30 -$5.93 -3%

Alitalia Millemiglia value distribution 12/29/2019

Alitalia Millemiglia's rediculous Mileage Requirements
SEVEN Digits!

If you’re like me, you’re squinting a little bit to make sure you’re reading that correctly. Yes, over ONE MILLION miles to fly from Rome to Miami in business.

Alitalia Millemiglia best and worst value 12/29/2019

Currently, only Amex Membership Rewards and Capital One Venture Rewards transfer to MilleMiglia. Chase and Citi customers don’t have to worry about making the mistake of moving valuable points to the program. Our advice is to steer clear of this program unless absolutely dire circumstances present themselves.

Compared to Geographical Peers

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