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Air France/KLM Flying Blue Value

Updated December 29th, 2019

The Air France/KLM Flying Blue program offers reliable, if otherwise low-value award opportunities. Despite great availability, 97.44%, value is limited by relatively high booking fees. As of December 2019, we’re placing an ACRV of 0.77¢ per Flying Blue mile.

Current Previous Period $ Change % Change
Intra-Europe Value 0.55¢ 0.53¢ +0.02¢ +4%
International Value 0.98¢ 1.55¢ -0.57¢ -37%
Overall ACRV 0.77¢ 1.04¢ -0.27¢ -26%
Intra-Europe Non-Zero Average 0.76¢ 0.73¢ +0.03¢ +4%
International Non-Zero Average 1.34¢ 2.17¢ -0.83¢ -38%
Non-Zero Average 1.05¢ 1.45¢ -0.40¢ -28%
Award Availability 97% 96% n/a +2%
Average Fees $153.76 $141.59 +$12.17 +9%

Air France KLM Flying Blue Value Distribution 12/29/2019

Also frustrating, is the face that Air France limits first class award bookings,  La Premier, to their own top tier elites. A real shame, as their retrofitted 777’s are absolutely fantastic.

Oh those Fees!

Despite finding several very lucrative award opportunities, cash co-pays absolutely eviscerate Air France/KLM’s value.

Carrier imposed fees, taxes, fuel surcharges; call them whatever you want. Flying Blue has a metric ton of them. On the domestic(intra-Europe) side of our equations, they weren’t outlandish at $39.42. However, move over to the international side, and get this, we’re averaging a gut-wrenching $220.84 per ticket! Ouch. As I deduct fees from the lowest available cash price, it can really wreck a value. Just for comparison’s sake, US competitor Delta is currently averaging just $14.48.

Worth noting, is that British Airways‘s competing program, Avios, charges similarly ridiculous amounts in addition to mileage. So, it would seem the problem is a bit geographic.

Air France KLM Flying Blue Fees

Redemption Count
Exceptional >6¢ 0
Great 4-5.99¢ 1
Good 3-3.99¢ 0
Respectable 2-2.99¢ 6
Acceptable 1-1.99¢ 26
Terrible <1¢ 43
No Availability 2
Award Availability 97.44%

Looking at this month’s best/worst chart, we have an abysmal 0.00¢/mile value on the bottom and a very good 4.4¢ one on the top. For anyone curious, 0.00¢ comes from an economy flight between London and New York. Flying Blue was offering an award ticket for $322.84 + 23,500 miles. The lowest-priced cash alternative was $323, resulting in a redemption value of zed.

Conversely, we found a business-class seat on a flight between Athens and Toronto for just $277.93 + 72,000 miles. The lowest-priced cash alternative was $3,495, resulting in a 4.47¢ redemption value.

Air France KLM Flying Blue Best and Worst Value 12/29/2019

Compared to Industry Peers

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