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Aegean Miles+Bonus Valuation

Aegean Airlines Miles+Bonus Value

Pretty close to worthless. Truth be told, trying to determine how much Aegean Miles+Bonus miles are worth is a bit like throwing darts in the dark. You’re mostly flying blind. Here’s the problem, their award reservation system doesn’t let you look at flights unless you have enough to book. You’re able to view a calendar showing the “minimum” miles+fees required to redeem on a given date, and that’s it. In the interest of full disclosure, that is how we came up with a $0.0025/mile ACRV. So if you were looking to move some Starpoints Aegean’s way, you’d really have no idea how many. Considering most people look to Aegean as a potential transfer option, it’s really putting the cart before the horse.

Intra-Europe Value 0.0021
International Value 0.0028
Combined ACRV $0.0025
Intro-Europe Non-zero Average 0.0054
International Non-zero Average 0.0053
Overall Non-zero Average $0.0053
Aegean Miles+Bonus Valuation Distribution
Award availability on Aegean+Bonus is so hard to find and so low-value, it broke my bell curve

As I wasn’t able to view any premium cabin award availability, I just skipped that portion of the valuation. Pretty much like I’d do when valuing Southwest. No matter, even their economy redemption options were close enough to zero for me to call them such.Aegean Miles+Bonus Best and Worst Redemptions 02.17.18

Attempting to clarify how many award miles would be required to book a premium class cabin before, I reached out to Aegean via Twitter. Unfortunately, their support team simply directed me to their generic “how to spend” page which provided no further options.

I honestly don’t have a whole lot more to say here. As Aegean isn’t a transfer partner of Chase/Amex or Citi, I’ll likely back-burner this valuation until they(likely never) become one. That said, they are a transfer partner of Starwood’s Preferred Guest program. However, I think you’d be completely foolish to transfer a very valuable Starpoint to a relatively useless award currency. Consider Aegean Miles+Bonus among the worst transfer options in the world.

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