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AutoReminder: Use a Portal Shopping Button to EARN

Chrome Shopping Button

Recently, I was introduced to a dandy little piece of tech. Initially brought to my attention via a spammy looking email from American, was a Chrome plugin simply named the AAdvantage eShopping Button. At first, thinking it was a bit gimmicky, I dismissed it. However, upon a bit of internal …

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QGT: Cathay Pacific’s New Lounge Ad

Great ads leave an impression. Take this one from Cathay Pacific, if nothing else, it’s completely relatable. To those that play the Points Game, lounge access is something like a field goal. The touchdown being the premium cabin award seat. One really wants the end zone, but often, it’s just …

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Lisbon: A Truly Underrated European City

Lisbon Bridge

Straight to the point: Lisbon is an overlooked European travel destination. In 2015, over 3.5 million tourists descended on the city. However, far more visitors head south to the Algarve rather than the capital. I recently had the privilege of visiting this European gem. Having never traveled to Portugal, I …

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Hamster Down the Toilet? Another Spirit Service Story

Spirit Airlines Hamster

Spirit airlines, a company that likely looks up to United for customer service inspo, has outdone themselves. According to Florida resident Belen Aldecosea, she was forced into the unenviable position of either missing a medial appointment or commit hamstercide and kill her emotional support animal, Pebbles. To her credit, it does …

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Review – LondonHouse Chicago

LondonHouse Chicago

A great stay in one of my least favorite cities. That’s LondonHouse Chicago in a nutshell. As a matter of fact, it might be one of the most thoughtfully appointed rooms I’ve ever stayed in. Sure, I’ve stayed in fancier, but I love tech, and LondonHouse is full of it. …

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