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Amex Platinum 100K Point Signup Bonus Available – April 2018

Amex 100K Signup Bonus

Update: Offer is still available via Cardmatch as of 05/17/2018 I consider American Express Membership Rewards the most valuable transferable award currency currently available.  Consequently, the recent re-emergence of the Amex Platinum 100K point signup bonus is cause for celebration. Regrettably, this is not a publicly available offer. Fortunately, the Cardmatch Tool …

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AutoReminder: Use a Portal Shopping Button to EARN

Chrome Shopping Button

Recently, I was introduced to a dandy little piece of tech. Initially brought to my attention via a spammy looking email from American, was a Chrome plugin simply named the AAdvantage eShopping Button. At first, thinking it was a bit gimmicky, I dismissed it. However, upon a bit of internal …

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QGT: Cathay Pacific’s New Lounge Ad

Great ads leave an impression. Take this one from Cathay Pacific, if nothing else, it’s completely relatable. To those that play the Points Game, lounge access is something like a field goal. The touchdown being the premium cabin award seat. One really wants the end zone, but often, it’s just …

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