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QGT: Cathay Pacific’s New Lounge Ad

Great ads leave an impression. Take this one from Cathay Pacific, if nothing else, it’s completely relatable. To those that play the Points Game, lounge access is something like a field goal. The touchdown being the premium cabin award seat. One really wants the end zone, but often, it’s just …

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Emirates Takes Shot Directly at United

Emirates United

Unless you’ve been living under a social media rock the last couple days, I’m sure you’re aware of United’s mega-PR disaster. We’re talking of course about the forced removal and subsequent knock-out of a paying customer to make space for United crew. It’s also no secret that US legacy carriers …

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Emirates Business Class – Casey Neistat

Emirates Business Casey Neistat

Couple things in this world I’m a fan of, Emirates and Casey Neistat. The latter is kind of an inspiration to me. Real down to Earth guy who makes the most out of life. Respect. I recently stumbled upon his “review” of Emirates Business class, NYC to Dubai. Had to …

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The Classiest Passengers: February 2017

The Classiest Passengers

Here is our look at February 2017’s classiest passengers. A personal take on passenger shaming. Star Wars: The AARP Awakens Without Chewbacca by his side, Han Solo(aka Harrison Ford) is proving to be a much less adept pilot. Unfortunately, in his second well-publicized aviation incident, Mr. Solo mistook the taxiway …

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737 Max Flys Like a Fighter During Test

Boeing 737 Max

With Norwegian Airlines debuting the new 737 Max this summer on its low cost flights from the East Coast to Europe I couldn’t help trying to find out more about the narrow body cousin to Boeing’s Dreamliner. While reading about fuel efficiency and winglets I stumbled on this beautiful video from …

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The Classiest Passengers – January 2017

We’re back, the classiest pax of January 2017. This month we’re bringing you some of our favorite passengers behaving badly. From politics to manspreads, here we go again. #MANSPREADMONDAY! ✈??????⛔✈ #passengershaming #flyingfeet #NOPE #airplaneetiquette #frequentflyer #crewlife #sassystew #aviation #cabincrew #avgeek #cabincrewlife #flightattendant #flightattendantlife #stewardess #flightattendantproblems #rantsofasassystew #travel #flightattendants #instapassport #aviationgeek …

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I Love This Korean Air A380 Ad

If there were ever an ad that I might use as a lullaby, it would be this one. Watch as the marketing crew across the Pacific show off their A380 accommodations in the most subtle way possible. This makes me want to curl up with glass of expensive champagne and drift …

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