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Kelly has traveled to over 65 countries and is currently exploring the world by bicycle.

10 Unique Ways to Travel


Let’s face it, plane, train and automobile travel can become a bit mundane after a while. How about spicing up your travel life with one of these 10 unique ways to travel? Zipline Between Islands If you love adventure travel, then this one is for you. The Philippines has created the …

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The World’s Best Street Food 2017

Street Food

2016 was the year of “staycations,” but 2017 is all about getting off the beaten track. Be adventurous, get out of your comfort zone and experience the real, local culture of a country. One great way to experience local culture is to indulge in some of the street foods. When …

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Staying Connected Abroad

How To Stay Connected Abroad

Whether you’re travelling for work, are a digital nomad or just need to check in on your business at home, staying connected abroade is becoming an increasingly important. A few things will influence how you decide to stay connected when travelling overseas. Your budget, your destination, your country of residence, how …

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The Ultimate Carry On Packing List

Carry On Bag

Check-in went smoothly, boarding was quick and efficient, and it looks like your flight is set to depart ahead of schedule. You’re all set and ready for your 10-hour flight ahead. That is until you realize you’ve forgotten to pack an essential item in your carry on… If you travel …

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10 Items No Traveler Should Leave Home Without

Packing can be a stressful experience. There is nothing worse then making it to your hotel and discovering you’ve forgotten one of your necessities. Check out this list of travel gear that no traveler should leave home without. World Wide Travel Adapter Nothing is worse than making it to your hotel …

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Deadly Foods from Around the World

Trying local dishes when traveling is part of the cultural experience. However, you rarely think that experimenting with new foods could be potentially dangerous, or even life threatening. Here are a few local, but deadly foods from around the world. Japan: Fugu (Pufferfish) Fugu is a Japanese delicacy served in …

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