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Jennifer Raskin is an internationally-published writer and blogger. She and her Chinese husband have 2 darling daughters. When she's not busy writing, she enjoys reading, wine tasting, dining, shopping, and weightlifting at the gym

Traveling Abroad in the Trump Era

Travel In the Trump Era

Years ago, Americans were perceived as the most boorish travelers in the World. Our loud voices and poor manners abroad, particularly when it came to understanding other cultures, were the butt of many jokes. Then for a time, we enjoyed a brief respite from that unsavory title. It was reclaimed …

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First in Business – Qatar Introduces Qsuite

Qatar Qsuite

Ever traveled domestic first class before and thought, “This is the life?” Then you need to see Qatar Airways’ brand new Business Class product. Called “a new level of luxury,” it’s quite possible that if you have the good fortune to travel via Qatar’s Qsuite, no other business class product …

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What To Pack For Asia

Wondering what to pack for Asia? You’ll have to think about the climate, the places you’re visiting, and the time of year to ensure your wardrobe matches the weather. Comfortable shoes for lots of walking and your toiletries are all things I’m sure you’ve already thought about. But here are a …

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Spring Break in Seoul Using Points

Seoul is a spectacularly vibrant city, filled with plenty of things to do. From a bounty of historical sites to shopping the most must-have-now fashions, it’s a wonderful place to find yourself. But it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg to discover one of the world’s most …

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