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Lisbon: A Truly Underrated European City

Lisbon Bridge

Straight to the point: Lisbon is an overlooked European travel destination. In 2015, over 3.5 million tourists descended on the city. However, far more visitors head south to the Algarve rather than the capital. I recently had the privilege of visiting this European gem. Having never traveled to Portugal, I …

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The World’s Best Brewery Tours

For centuries beer has been one of the most popular drinks in the world.  According to sources, beer is the forth most consumed beverage behind coffee, tea and orange juice…excluding water of course. With beer’s worldwide consumption, and breweries big and small dotting the globe, where can the best brewery …

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Madrid: Spain’s Hidden Holiday Gem

When planning a vacation to Spain, most holidaymakers look for the sun, sand and surf of Barcelona, Costa del Sol, Majorca or the Canary Islands. However, as a vacation destination, Madrid is criminally overlooked. Sure, the landlocked city suffers from hot summers and cold winters unlike the others mentioned. But …

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5 Must-Experience German Cities in 2017

Germany has long held a spot in the hearts of tourists as one of the best European countries to visit. Whether it was during the Cold War, the period of German reunification or modern day Germany, the country has welcomed visitors from all over the globe. Each region in Germany …

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Top 5 Destinations for Sports Immersion

Sports are life and death to many people in throughout the world. Taking a trip based on watching a particular event is one reason for travel. So, what are the best cities to travel to around the world for sports immersion? Truthfully, it depends on which sports you are looking …

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