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Here at Points Reckoning we realize the P&M(points and miles) community is already well served by many outstanding websites. Heck, reading those very sites got us started and continue to help us by serving as both competition and inspiration. However, there always seemed to be one thing lacking from what’s already out there, a site the primarily exists to provide standardized, quantitative valuation analysis of the various P&M currencies. And that’s exactly what we’re here to do. Sure, we’ll strive to provide our readers the most up-to-date new and point strategies, but we’re also not naive to the fact that we’re not the only ones on top of our game. We also know that a thriving P&M community cannot exist without constant interaction from our readers, so the site was designed from the ground up with audience input in mind.

The PR Crew

Aaron "Adub" Woodwell

Chief Reckoner

Aaron is a CPA from Phoenix, AZ. His combination of wanderlust and affinity for numbers is what drove him to create Points Reckoning. He has a strange affinity for tiny dogs and currently lives with his girlfriend, Megan...