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Insta-Companion Pass – One Southwest Card

Really short topic today, so let’s get right to it. The latest offer from Chase and Southwest. For a limited time, Southwest is offering it’s spectacular Companion Pass after meeting the minimum spend requirement on all personal credit cards. That is the Southwest Premier, Plus and Priority. One card to companion pass.

snake in the grass

It sounds great, and many will likely fall for it, but it’s a snake-in-the-grass offer. The OG method of obtaining the Southwest Companion Pass, aka, the ability to fly two-for-one on Southwest metal, was to have 110K points post to your rapid rewards account in one calendar year. To the delight of many points and miles players, credit card bonuses count. Open a personal Rapid Rewards credit card for the 50,000 bonus miles and business one for 60K and voila, insta-companion pass.

What makes this even sweeter is that once one qualifies for a Southwest Companion Pass via the traditional method they get it for the year earned, plus the following one. This leads to the companion pass challenge. Open both cards near the end of a calendar year, plan carefully so the last bit of minimum spend posts just after the new year and you’re now flying two-for-one on Southwest for almost two years.

This new offer however, is something different. The Companion Pass provided is only good through the end of 2019. Let’s run a hypothetical. One opens a Rapid Rewards Credit Card today, January 12th. It takes you one week to receive it and two months to meet the minimum spend. Then, those points don’t post until after the billing cycle. We’re now looking at the end of March minimum before your Companion Pass is in hand. ¼ of the year gone. Don’t fall for this little cloak and dagger move from Chase and Southwest. Play the old-school Companion Pass challenge and get yourself two years plus 110K points to then travel on.