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Amex 100K Signup Bonus

Amex Platinum 100K Point Signup Bonus Available – April 2018

Update: Offer is still available via Cardmatch as of 05/17/2018

I consider American Express Membership Rewards the most valuable transferable award currency currently available.  Consequently, the recent re-emergence of the Amex Platinum 100K point signup bonus is cause for celebration. Regrettably, this is not a publicly available offer.

Fortunately, the Cardmatch Tool makes the process of obtaining available pre-qualifications quite easy. One simply enters their name, address and trailing SSN digits. Then, utilizing a soft credit-pull, the site matches one with available offers. Sadly, the credit profile that makes one eligible is not publicly advertised. Among several of my friends who gave Cardmatch a try, only I and one other were presented with Amex Platinum 100K point signup bonus offers.

For those hitting jackpot on the Cardmatch slot machine, the offer will look something like this:

Amex Platinum 100K point signup bonus Cardmatch

It’s always worth pointing out, that as a general rule, Amex only allows one signup bonus per product, FOR LIFE. For this reason, I always recommend that one wait until the annual Amex Platinum 100K point signup bonus presents itself before opening an account. I use the term “annually” because the offer is commonly seen about once a year, though it’s certainly not on any schedule.

Amex Platinum 100K Miles Signup Offer

The big downside here, is the relatively high minimum spend requirement. At $5,000 in three months, that might be above the natural spend of many consumers. If possible, try and cash in on the Amex Platinum 100K point signup bonus when a big purchase is on the horizon.

Usual Platinum accouterments are of course standard. These include:

  • $200 in annual Uber credits
  • 5x points on airfare purchased directly via an airline or amextravel.com
  • 5x points on hotels via amextravel.com
  • The best lounge access program among all premium cards
  • $200 airline fee credit(sadly, worse that the Chase Sapphire Reserve’s $300 general travel credit)
  • Complementary benefits at Amex’s Fine Hotels and Resorts

Value Proposition

Currently, we believe American Express Membership Rewards are worth 2.26¢ a piece. Extrapolated out, this would mean that the Amex Platinum 100K point signup bonus’ value is roughly $2,226! Even more if one is particularly savvy, and waits for the perfect redemption before transferring to a travel partner. For those curious how we arrive at our valuations, or methodology is always available.

Let’s take a look at what you’re getting year one, vs what you’re spending:

Year One Benefits Value
$200 in annual Uber credits 200.00
5x points on Amex Travel/Airfare($2500/year) 282.50
$200 airline fee credit 200.00
Lounge Access($20/visit x 5 visits) 100.00
100,000 Membership Rewards signup bonus 2,226.00
Total Benefit Value $3,008.50
Year One Costs
Annual Fee $550.00
Net Year One Income $2,458.50

Granted, we did make some assumptions above, and everyone’s situation will vary. For those who never use Uber or travel, the card might not be one’s best option. Conversely, road warriors will find even more value. Furthermore, for those who also hold a Sapphire Reserve or Citi Prestige, some benefits overlap, and are thus essentially worthless.

Our obvious recommendation, is to jump on this offer when available. A net benefit in excess of $2,000 is always cause for celebration in the points and miles game. As evidenced by a recent San Francisco to Tokyo flight, 100,000 points properly transferred can be worth much more than 2.26¢ a piece.