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QGT: Cathay Pacific’s New Lounge Ad

Great ads leave an impression. Take this one from Cathay Pacific, if nothing else, it’s completely relatable. To those that play the Points Game, lounge access is something like a field goal. The touchdown being the premium cabin award seat. One really wants the end zone, but often, it’s just not practical, so we settle for a consolation prize.

Personally, I’ve been guilty of planning my arrival/layover schedule according to lounge availability. They hold special place for me, it’s actually their existence that got me interest in the points and miles multiverse. A few years back, I was transiting Guangzhou on China Southern, when I passed the The Premium Lounge. It stuck out like a sore thumb right past passport control.  As I watched what I assumed were the wealthy filing in and out, a fire was ignited. From that day forward, I vowed that next time I was at that airport, I’d be going in that lounge. Of course, after much research, I found that entrance was not reserved for the rich, very far from it in fact.

Sadly, Cathay doesn’t grant access as easily as my Guangzhou muse. No Priority Pass entry here. To get past the bouncers, one will need to be booked on a Cathay/Oneworld flight in first or business.. Furthermore, access is granted to alliance elites on a tiered basis.

H/T: One Mile at a Time