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LondonHouse Chicago

Review – LondonHouse Chicago

A great stay in one of my least favorite cities. That’s LondonHouse Chicago in a nutshell. As a matter of fact, it might be one of the most thoughtfully appointed rooms I’ve ever stayed in. Sure, I’ve stayed in fancier, but I love tech, and LondonHouse is full of it.


As I’m not a hotel tier chaser, I usually book via whatever site quotes the lowest price. In this case, we booked via Hotel Tonight just the day before we arrived. Rack rates were being advertised via traditional channels for over $200/night , while HT quoted $120. An absolute steal in my opinion. We completed our booking with the Chase Sapphire Reserve. Being a travel related transaction, we earned 3x Ultimate Rewards, and were covered by Chase’s excellent trip cancellation insurance.

Going Up

It’s the first amenity you encounter after your Uber drops you off. Ordinarily a lift wouldn’t generate any lasting memories, but this one was different. Instead of pressing up or down on an antiquated wall button, you indicate your exact floor on a touchpad and are then assigned an elevator. It’s backwards, but a vast improvement.

Placing the floor buttons outside the elevators might seem trivial, until you consider the fact that multiple people on a given floor can each select a separate destination and be assigned separate elevators. Really a massive improvement, not fully appreciated until things get busy.

Check In

Not a ton to say here. It was quick and without hassle. I did appreciate the fact that my request to sleep on the highest floor possible was taken seriously. I can’t speak to why, but, I’ve always found a certain comfort in heights. Normally this request is met with a laugh, but the front desk employee seemed to get it. Or at least pretended to. A nice change of pace in either case.

LondonHouse Chicago Lobby

The Room

Just fantastic. As mentioned above, one of the most thoughtfully appointed rooms I’ve ever stayed in. Everything just worked.

Starting with the bathroom, typically a hard thing to mess up, provided everything is in order. However, LondonHouse adds just a couple amenities that make it better. For example, I usually shower with a loofa, but don’t travel with one. Thankfully, LondonHouse Chicago included one with their standard bathroom amenities. The shower itself was nicely sized, and included a metal shelf for soaps/shampoos. A very small touch but something frequently overlooked.

Moving further into the room, we find a Nespresso coffee maker and small selection of coffee pods. Often, rooms are equipped with a single serve drip machine with packets of pre-ground coffee from who-knows-where. Below this, is a small personal use fridge. And, get this – it wasn’t filled with overpriced minibar provisions! I point this out because it’s a pet peeve of mine. Walk into a room with some water bottles and maybe a local six pack, only to find the advertised fridge exists, but is also unusable because the establishment has already claimed all the real estate for their inventory.

The bed itself is nothing particularly fancy. That’s not a bad thing though. It was a king, it was comfortable and the sheets were clean. What else could one ask for?

This bring us to the feature that really made me love this hotel – the entertainment system. Maybe I simply haven’t been around the block enough, but this is the first hotel I’ve seen which gives you access to a Chromecast. This means that I can bring my own Hulu/Netflix/Youtube content and avoid the lackluster hotel entertainment offerings. Another small touch that really sets the property apart.

LondonHouse Chicago Chromecast


More important to some than others. For me it’s a make or break amenity. I always travel with a portable travel router (Amazon), just for the hotels that only have an wired network connection. But that’s getting off topic. LondonHouse Chicago’s WiFi speeds were outstanding, as shown below. The connection would drop out from time to time, but nothing that interrupted work.

LondonHouse Chicago WiFi

The Bad

The truth of the matter is this, I really have to try and find something I don’t like about LondonHouse Chicago. However, there was one thing I could have done without: the road noise. Most of the time, not a problem, but during rush hour, road/river facing rooms get a bit loud. I’m not really sure what the hotel could do to change this, short of replacing all the windows, but it does seem like other properties somehow soundproof better.

The End

This hotel quickly made its way into my personal “top hotel list”. A ranking that really more of a tier than a status, like a best friend. At the end of the day, we all want what feels like home, no matter where you are in the world. In my opinion, LondonHouse Chicago delivers on this goal with room to spare. Thoughful amenities, great WiFi, a welcoming staff, competetive pricing and a fantastic location makes LondonHouse Chicago highly recommended.