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Chillax Resort Bangkok

One Night in Bangkok – Chillax Resort Review

What’s the difference between a resort and a hotel? I’m struggling here too. Perhaps travelers from a bygone era viewed the resort as the destination and the hotel as the accomodation. Despite their historical differences, the two terms have converged over the last couple decades. Many hotels offer “resort-like” amenities, while many resorts are simply hotels with a restaurant.

Enter Chillax Resort in Bangkok, an establishment that has chosen to play a bit fast and loose with traditional classifications. Aside from having a rediculously bro-ish name, Chillax Bangkok is a great hotel.

Check In

As is par for the course with most lodging that caters to Westerner’s, check-in was completed quickly and with a smile. I always feel bad asking porters to ferry my bags to my room, a task I’m more than happy to perform myself. However, the staff as Chillax was almost insistent, so I went with it.

While performing the usual paperwork – credit card/passport/etc. we were provided a nice tropical welcome drink and hot towel. A very nice touch. Would have been better if that juice had a little liquor in it though. I suppose it’s a testament to my DINK lifestyle that drinking juice without booze tastes weird.

The Internet

Also part of check-in, is the conveyance of WiFi details. Here’s where it get’s a little weird. You’re given a slew of little pieces of paper which each contain unique login info. One for each device/day. I don’t know why they don’t just give you one. This is where my trusty network in a pouch comes in. I signed onto their network with my Macbook. Then, I used my TP-Link N300 Portable Travel Router(Amazon) to clone my MAC address and act as a hotspot. Much easier than managing 5 different logins. Also the millionth time I’ve used that thing to deal with the hassle of overly complicated network authentication.

Speaking of WiFi, it’s a litmus test that I probably put way too much stock in. I’m a millennial, it’s important. That said, Chillax’s WiFi speeds were ok:

Chillax WiFi

The Room

Probably more important than the quality of the WiFi is the quality of the room. Chillax Resort did not disappoint, with modern decor and a spa tub for two, it’s a relaxing place to get some mattress time. Furthermore, as is the case with most reputable hotels in Thailand, the room was spotless. This country really takes presentation seriously.

The Bathroom

To some, where to relieve oneself surpasses WiFi speed and sleep quality on the importance scale. While not being what I would consider luxurious, it aptly covers all the bases. A place to shower, a place to wash up and a place to go number two in peace.

Shower amenity-wise, we had resort-branded soaps and lotions available. In my opinion, it’s all the same. Many will disagree, but I’ve found my Costco-branded shampoo to work just as well as my girlfriend’s that costs $40 a bottle. I just can’t imagine bottling hotel body wash and throwing a fancy sounding brand name that I’ve never heard of makes it better. In short, I was happy to shower with Chillax brand soap.

Almost awkwardly, a spa tub separates the bath from the bedroom. Not that it doesn’t work well, just feels weird sleeping within arms reach of a tub. Or conversely, bathing in a bedroom. Regardless of layout, the tub was large, clean and in our case, unused. Bonus, it’s built for two #funtimes #bangkoknights.


It’s become a defacto requirement that any urban hotel in a tropical location have a rooftop pool to be considered. Don’t know whether it’s the exclusivity or the feeling of security that comes with heights, but I just love them. Of course, the Chillax Resort has one! Disappointingly, it closed pretty early. Can’t remember the exact time, but shortly after dark, so maybe 8’ish. No after-hours swims up here. Sad, because I would have indulged. In addition to the water, the view was great too.

A Place on the Map

Location, location, location, that’s what’s taught in real-estate school, and applies equally to lodging. Walking distance to a BTS station, the riverfront, street food and most importantly, Khao San Road, Chillax’s place on the map is just great.

Working Out

Of least importance, at least to me is gym quality. Probably because I’ve become honest with myself that vacation workouts rarely happen. It’s a good thing I don’t care, because Chillax would have otherwise disappointed.

Chillax Gym
What is this? A gym for ants?


I’d highly recommend a stay at the Chillax Resort. If you can get over the name, it provides a great value, location and rooftop pool.