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Five Workout Apps for the Traveling Fitness Junkie

Most people don’t think travel and working out can co-exist. Perhaps at one time that was true, as even hotels with weights, treadmills and stationary bikes weren’t the most enjoyable venues spend time sweating away in. But with the advent of modern technology, there is now an app for jetsetters, so they won’t miss a workout.

Whether it is yoga, GPS running apps or HIIT, you won’t need gym equipment to feel the burn before indulging in another night on the town.



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Google Play – 4.5 Stars – 106,206 Reviews

A lot of travelers and people short on time are raving about Sworkit. The workout app comes with 20 pre-built workouts for users to pick from. The app allows people short on time to plan workouts that fit into their busy schedules. The great thing about Sworkit is you don’t need any equipment; and the workouts you do at home, can go with you on the road. Simple to use with an interface that won’t leave users cursing at their phone screens, Sworkit is ideal for anyone traveling the globe.



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There is a movement among people looking to get fit and that is to get away from the gym. With high membership fees and a location you must transport yourself to, many people are looking to workout on their own. Think of it as cutting the cord, but for the gym. That is why fitness apps are so heavily downloaded . One of the most popular is Freeletics. The program takes high intensity training to a new level, offering more than 1000 workout videos at an average of 30 minutes. The workouts encourage you to use your own bodyweight, which means you can perform them anywhere there is space. Freeletics has four different apps to download: Bodyweight, Running, Gym and Nutrition, and each is free. However, there are plans that can be purchased in-app.

Skimble's Workout Trainer

Skimble’s Workout Trainer

iTunes – 4.5 Stars – 8,470 Reviews

Google Play – 4 Stars – 99,602 Reviews

Amazon – 3.5 Stars – 298 Reviews

The Workout Trainer has over a thousand workout videos and audio clips to get users fit and healthy while back at their hotel. The app is packed with beneficial workouts that provide exercise to different muscle groups and parts of the body. You can also build your own routine that blasts your abs, legs, back, chest or arms. If you want to delve deeper than the free videos and audio clips, there is also a membership subscription you can sign up for.

Nike+ Training Club

Nike+Training Club

iTunes – 4 Stars – 4,516 Reviews

Google Play – 4.5 Stars – 205,040 Reviews

The original Nike+ iPod fitness chip was a great device, only to be blow away by the Nike+ GPS watch. Now in 2017, the sportswear giant is back at it again, this time with the Nike+ Training Club app. Unlike the others on our list, this one has professionally designed workouts by athletes and celebs. Whether you want to get stronger, more mobile or increase your stamina, you can do it with the Nike+ Training Club. If you already have Nike+ Run Club downloaded to your phone, the two can be synced.

DDP Yoga

Bonus Content – DDP Yoga – Results Pending

iTunes – 5 Stars – 543 Reviews

Google Play – 4 Stars – 731 Reviews

DDP Yoga Website – DVD Collection! – No Reviews

For those who get a little nostalgic when they think of Tae Bo, there’s DDP Yoga. Originally called “Yoga for Real Guys”, DDP Yoga was designed by former professional wrestler Diamond Dallas Page. The program includes a variety of workouts that range from easy to advanced. The moves were created by DDP himself as he combined basic yoga moves with rehabilitation stretches and high-intensity moves. Download the app and feel the burn when you get a minute on vacation.