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Alaska Board Room - Entrance

Alaska Airlines Board Room @ SEA – Review

The Alaska Airlines Board Room at SeaTac International Airport provides a nice escape from the otherwise dreary terminal. The airport actually has 3 Alaska lounges, all accessible by Priority Pass members. As Southwest flights depart the B gates, I chose the one in between C a D, just past security.

Alaska Board Room - Location

Check In

Seattle is generally a hospitable city, and the reception upon arrival at the front desk was no exception. Despite some technical issues getting the card to work, the agent kept things lively and fun. I’ve never really entered a lounge and felt this welcome. FWIW, we checked in with the very nice lady on the left, but the one on the right was all smiles as well. Nice to see Alaska living up to their friendly reputation.

Alaska Board Room - Check In

For those looking for Seattle lounge access, your best bet would most certainly be the Platinum Card by American Express. With this piece of plastic(err, metal), you’ll gain access to nearly every club in the airport, less United. Alaska lounges via Priority Pass, the Delta Skyclubs via the Delta/Amex partnership and of course, the American Express Centurion.


It’s a two story facility, with the each floor containing roughly the same amenities as the other. Each has a large sitting area with views of the tarmac. Adjacent to both, is a snack/drink area and the floor’s restrooms.

Both floors offer great views of the tarmac. Here’s a little time lapse I took of the action outside the window:

Furthermore, I really appreciate all the individual work stations. Too often lounges assume that people either love awkward social interactions or are traveling in groups. Alaska did it right, a bunch of group seating and bunch of solo areas.

One important distinguishing feature between the two levels, is the location of the bar. If you’re looking for something adult-like, head upstairs. It’s small a small window that could easily be missed. But it’s well stocked. The bar also display’s a “no-tipping” sign, great for those who frequently travel without cash.

Alaska Board Room - Bar

Other Food and Drink

For those not looking to get saucy before taking off, the lounge offers a pretty standard variety of provisions. Coffee from Starbucks, and fountain beverages are available upstairs and down. Unfortunately we appeared to visit during that weird time of day when no food was out, even though it wasn’t exactly late.

Here’s something that made me laugh. The staff seemed to notice the lack of edibles too. In fact, when they did bring a little plate of cookies out, they literally went around and told everyone individually. A little thoughtful, a little sad.

Tech Stuff

WiFi in the Alaska Board Room was excellent. But I didn’t get a chance to run a speedtest. Simply forgot. Just know it was fast. In addition, chargers were plentiful. Each workstation had both 110v and USB power. Furthermore, each group of 4 chairs had a power tower in the middle. Might need your own charger though, the USB outlets seemed to lack the amperage to charge a phone.

Alaska Board Room - Charger

Final Thoughts

I really enjoyed my brief stay at the Alaska Board Room. It really was just what you’d expect a lounge to be. Less crowded and more comfortable than the terminal, with amenities to boot. Having access to an airline branded lounge is becoming a rarity among domestic Priority Pass options. That said, the new “Club at SEA” looks promising, and is also available to members.