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The Ultimate Carry On Packing List

Check-in went smoothly, boarding was quick and efficient, and it looks like your flight is set to depart ahead of schedule. You’re all set and ready for your 10-hour flight ahead. That is until you realize you’ve forgotten to pack an essential item in your carry on…

If you travel enough then this is bound to have happened to you at least once or twice. Take away those worries, with this ultimate carry-on Packing List!

The Bags

Most airlines will allow a larger carry on backpack or bag, plus a smaller item such as a handbag. I usually take a backpack and my laptop bag on as carry on. Check your carry on allowance with your airline a couple of days before your flight.

Carry On Packing Checklist

Travel Documents

Important Documents

Let’s start with the most obvious items: your important documents. This includes items such as your passport or government issued ID (if you are travelling domestically), visa and any supporting documents, such as proof of funds (if applicable), a copy of your insurance policy, flight/ trip information and cash, credit and/or bank cards.

I usually carry a hard copy and an electronic copy of each document and I recommend you do the same. This means no matter what the situation you should have access to all your important documents. I use iCloud and a USB stick to store my important documents.

Change of Cloths

Change of cloths

I never used to take a change of clothes in my carry on, however since then my checked bags have been lost and delayed several times, and I have finally learnt my lesson: pack a change of clothes! Nothing is worse than arriving late at your destination, tired, dirty and exhausted. Having a shower and then changing back into the clothes you’ve been travelling in all day. Whatever you do, don’t forget the most important part: spare undies!



No matter the temperature, I take a sweater. Airplanes love to pump the air-conditioning, and there is no guarantee that the air steward will give you a blanket. So be prepared, bring a sweater!



This includes any toiletries you may want to use during your flight. Just make sure any liquid item is under 100ml (3.5oz).

I always pack the following:
  • Lip balm and hand lotion – My lips and skin gets dry while flying.
  • Hand sanitizer – Easier using hand sanitizer than washing your hands in the airplane restroom.
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste – I always brush my teeth before and after a flight. It makes me feel a lot cleaner than I actually am.



This is going to vary depending on the person. I always carry my inhaler and some ibuprofen when I fly. Other passengers might have prescribed medication (check on your destination allowances, you may need to take a copy of your prescription with you), contraceptive pill, sleeping pills or headache tablets. If you have a cold I definitely recommend taking something like ibuprofen with you – nothing is worse than flying with a cold. Chances are your ears will have a hard time equalizing during take off and landing. This can be extremely painful!


Pen & Paper

You never know when you are going to need it – to complete custom or arrival cards, to exchange numbers with that hottie you’ve been sat next to, or to fill in the crossword in the airline magazine.



Not all airlines or planes provide entertainment. It’s worth checking with the airline prior to the day of your flight.  Some airlines require you to download an airline entertainment app on your phone, prior to take off. This app then gives you access to all the airline movies, TV shows and games, which can then be used during your flight.

Electronics to pack:
  • Smart phone (my smart phone doubles up as a iPod and a camera, but some people might want to consider taking these on-board as well)
  • Headphones
  • USB charging cable
  • Multi-plug adapter

Water Bottle

Reusable Water bottle

Personally, I get dehydrated when flying and even when the airline provides water, I generally find it’s not enough. So I take my own water on board. Most airports have water fountains on the airside of the airport. This means once you’ve passed through all the security checks you can fill up! This helps saves the environment, saves you some money and saves you waiting in line at the duty free shop.

Protip: We recommend getting one that will clip on your bag. Free hands are generally something not in abundance when making your way through the terminal. The Nalgene BPA Free Tritan is a great option. It’s top is tailor made to snap into a carabiner and on to your luggage.

Ear Plugs Sleep Mask

Eye Shades & Earplugs

If you are a light sleeper or are travelling with some hyperactive children, then these might be the most important items you pack to ensure you get a bit of shuteye.

Unsure of which one to get? If your a frequent traveler, try something custom. The Decibullz Custom Molded Earplugs are the exact ones Aaron travels with. Not only are they far more comfortable than the styrofoam variety but they block sound much better too.

Now you’re all set for your flight! Bon voyage!