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The Classiest Passengers – January 2017

We’re back, the classiest pax of January 2017. This month we’re bringing you some of our favorite passengers behaving badly. From politics to manspreads, here we go again.

Premium Seats do not mean Premium Passengers

I feel like there is a misconception among the general public. Especially the general public that hasn’t had the opportunity to fly outside of coach, that somehow premium cabins are home to passengers behaving premiumly. Wait, is that a word. Urban Dictionary, the only source I trust, says no.

The truth of the matter is, there is a leveraged relationship between fare paid and general senses of entitlement. Let me explain, for an average passenger who paid 2x the coach price to fly premium econ, they will likely be 4x more entitled. Take the Insta post above. For whatever reason, this premium econ passenger(or biz on a bad airline) apparently thinks it’s now ok to devolve into some lower primate.


Politics + Planes = Shitshow

Last month we showed you you the gentleman who decided to go all in Trump on a Delta flight. This month we bring you the woman who decided to defend the other side. This passenger apparently gave her neighbor an earful just for sitting down. However, after a talk, a transit police intervention and a middle finger to the crowd, she was off the plane. Go America.

Calling all Members of House Stark