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The Classiest Airline Passengers – December 2016

Here we are, this month’s list of the classiest airline passengers to grace the skies alongside you. From the audacious to the disgusting, we’re hear to remind you of what you could be flying next time. Enjoy!

The Person Who Went Middle Earth on the TSA

Now technically, our first entry is coming to us from November. But its so medieval, and this is the first month I’m keeping track, I just had to include it. For those that are wondering, this little piece of badassery is available on Amazon. It’s called the “Dragon Tail Claw Iron Reaver” and it’s legitimately well reviewed, 5 stars! At only $13.99. I can’t say that I’d try to run this one past the TSA, but hey, audacity is some people’s way of getting through life.

The Woman Who Self-Exfoliates on the Tray Table

There really are not a whole lot of visuals that make me dry heave. But this one, yeah, it pretty much does it. I believe we’re witness to a woman so inconsiderate of her fellow passengers that she’s actually de-scabbing on the tray table. I’m not a huge germ-o-phobe, but it’s for reasons like this I do a quick Lysol wipe of the tray table each flight. This passenger isn’t just sassy, she’s straight up nasty.

The Guy Who went all Trump on a Delta Flight

“Wise men speak because they have something to say; fools because they have to say something.” – Plato. A man ahead of his time. Who knew that several thousand years after his death, his words would never ring truer. This gentleman(loosely defined) decided to let the entire Delta flight know just where he stood politically. Apparently, and thankfully, Delta CEO Ed Bastian grounded this dude for life. Well, at least on his airline. Some people are simply better left on dry land. Definitely classy.

Batman’s Sidekick who Flies Commercially

In the hierarchy of the Batcave, it goes Batman, Robin, Alfred, some other people and finally this guy. So low on the totem pole, he isn’t even allowed near the Batplane. Instead, he must endure the emasculating experience of a TSA courtesy massage.

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