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Richard Marx Goes Steven Segal on Korea Air Passenger

Well, the travel message boards are just lighting up today. Why? It’s because legendary 80’s singer Richard Marx, with the help of Daisy Fuentes, allegedly helped subue an unruly passenger. I use the term “allegedely” because from the actual video I saw, he was nowhere to be seen. Truth be told, I’d personally feel much safer with Steven Segal on my flight. That guy just got Russian citizenship, they don’t mess around…and he knows karate.

You know what really bothers me about this story(aside from the likely exaggeration that Richard actually did anything to help)? The fact that the subdued passenger ended up with a business class seat. Now, it appears to be of the non-lie-flat variety, but still beats coach.

Of course, if you want to see a real transportation problem solver in action, pickup the Under Siege / Under Siege: Dark Territory (Double Feature) on Bluray from Amazon.

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