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Queen of the Skies(747) Lands at Regional Airport

For almost 50 years she’s been gracing the sky with her gracious curves and long legs. Sadly however, it appears the era of the 4 engine beauty is coming to a close. Slowly being strangled by the forces of economics, the old girl is having a tough time competing. With newer twin engines dominating recent sales, even the 747’s more modern quad engine sister from another mother, the A380, is struggling for orders.

Contrasted against that sad note, we get this quick gem. To the delight of local onlookers, a retired Qantas -400, the “City of Canberra“, made its final landing at Wollongong REGIONAL airport. I suppose it’s fitting that the final feat for an aircraft that took over 20 hours to make it’s delivery flight, would end it’s commercial life on a runway so short.

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