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A350 vs. Flooded Runway

It’s really no secret that I believe the A350 is the best looking commercial airliner in production. From it’s debonair nose, to it’s over-sized nacelles to it’s futuristic looking winglets, it’s a seriously good looking machine. Of course, in what I can only assume was a bit of European style, the designers gave the aircraft a little bit of black “eyeliner”. Really just a bit of color around the flight deck windows, but it looks as if it’s flying around with sunglasses on. In my humble opinion, it could be the result of a three-way between James Bond, an Airbus factory and Steve McQueen. Truthfully, the only thing I don’t like about it is the fact I haven’t had the opportunity to fly in it yet.

Ogling aside, it’s a thoroughly 21st century piece of equipment. And like everything designed to take several hundred people to an area of the planet that doesn’t contain enough oxygen to breath, it needs to be put through it’s paces. One of these, is the water ingestion test. Designed to simulate what happens when the aircraft is taking off or landing on a very wet runway. Of course, it goes without saying the suave Frenchman passes without a hiccup. And of course, looks good doing it.

P.S. If anyone wants to get me a birthday present, I’d really like an A350-900 model. It would look great by my workstation.

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