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KLM 747 Blows People Into Water at Maho Beach

Quiet white sand beaches and high-calorie alcoholic beverages, that’s how I picture the Caribbean. But jet blast from a 747’s high-bypass turbofans spooled up to take-off thrust, not really. Fortunately, this is the kind of thing that I love seeing/doing in a foreign country. There’s really no way this would ever be allowed in the US. One of the best things about international travel is the ability to do things that wouldn’t fly, no pun intended, at home. For some reason, maybe it’s the clear view of the self-inflicted chaos, but this video gets a genuine belly laugh from me.

If you’re interested in experiencing “the sensation” yourself, head on down to St. Martin. In fact, just a couple days ago we posted a 5 day guide to this very island. Luckily, all the big US carriers fly there, and don’t forget took book with your Chase Sapphire Reserve, or Citi Prestige card for triple points on airfare.