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Beautiful Time-Lapse of Air Traffic at Singapore Changi Airport

I absolutely love time-lapse photography. It’s one of those mediums that can make the dullest of events seem magical. I once time-lapsed an ice cube melting, but that’s about as far as I personally have ever taken the art. Too often we take the technological achievement of flight for granted, and forget that it wasn’t so long ago that flying was considered science fiction. Whenever I start becoming complacent in my ability to book a trip across an ocean for what amounts to a couple days salary, I try to remember Louis CK’s take on aviation. In reference to a nameless American, complaining about sitting on a taxiway for 40 minutes pre-departure, CK jokes…”what happened after that”? “Did you fly through the air, incredibly”? “Did you soar into the clouds like a bird”? “Did you partake in the miracle of human flight”?…”And bitch about it the whole time you were up there?”. Always makes me laugh.

So anyway, I found the accompanying video while getting sucked down the YouTube rabbit hole and just had to share. Hope everyone here enjoys as much as I did. If for no other reason I think it helps restore the idea that flying is indeed a technological wonder. Hats off to Milton Tan for making it.

Also, if you ever fancy making one of these yourself. Pickup a GoPro Hero 5 from Amazon, they’ve got a fantastic time-lapse function built in.