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The Ritz-Carlton Rewards Value 03.07.18

The Ritz-Carlton Rewards Value

If it weren’t for slightly less-than-great availability, The Ritz-Carlton Rewards program would fare much better. Unfortunately, some Ritz-Carlton operated hotels do not participate in the loyalty program, or at least do not allow redemptions. Because we consider this very annoying, we’ve decided to retain our standard 25% reduction factor, instead of the reduced ones used for some competing hotels. After the dust settled, we assigned an ACRV of $0.0074 to each Ritz-Carlton Reward point.

30 Days Advance Booking ACRV$0.0071
60 Days Advance Booking ACRV$0.0078
Combined ACRV$0.0074
30 Days Advance Booking Non-Zero$0.0118
60 Days Advance Booking Non-Zero$0.0129
Overall Non-zero Average$0.0124
Award Availability80.00%

Notice the half-cent spread between the non-zero average and the ACRV? That’s Mr. Sinister Zero doing his damage.

The Ritz-Carlton Rewards Value Distribution 03.07.18

The curve above looks nicer than many other hotels, though not as good as most airlines. In a nutshell, the narrower the curve, the more likely one is to redeem for an award value close to the average. The wider, the better chance at a high-value redemption. This month’s average was $0.0099, with a standard deviation of $0.0058. So, theoretically, 68% of award redemptions should fall in the range of $0.0063 to $0.0134.

As we’ve mentioned on other pages, we really hate when properties are included in a company’s management umbrella, but are otherwise off-limits to it’s award members. In The Ritz-Carlton’s case, several hotels are managed, but not owned by them. In other words, you get to pay Ritz prices but don’t get to partake in all the perks.

Redemption Count
No Availability1

We actually had a few surprisingly decent redemption values for the month, five over $0.01. Our best for the month came from a week-long stay at The Ritz-Carlton, Istanbul. This was offered for $2881.50 in cash or 150,000 points.

The Ritz-Carlton Best and Worst Values 03.07.18

Currently, The Ritz-Carlton Rewards program is partnered with Chase, and is a transfer option for those holding Ultimate Rewards. While they do offer a slightly higher upside than their corporate parent, Marriott Rewards, they are a bit less reliable. However, we still likely wouldn’t recommend giving up a valuable UR for any hotel point.

For more information about how we value airline/hotel and other award currencies, please visit our valuation method and changelog pages.