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One Night in Bangkok – Chillax Resort Review

Chillax Resort Bangkok

What’s the difference between a resort and a hotel? I’m struggling here too. Perhaps travelers from a bygone era viewed the resort as the destination and the hotel as the accomodation. Despite their historical differences, the two terms have converged over the last couple decades. Many hotels offer “resort-like” amenities, …

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The World’s Best Street Food 2017

Street Food

2016 was the year of “staycations,” but 2017 is all about getting off the beaten track. Be adventurous, get out of your comfort zone and experience the real, local culture of a country. One great way to experience local culture is to indulge in some of the street foods. When …

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Traveling Abroad in the Trump Era

Travel In the Trump Era

Years ago, Americans were perceived as the most boorish travelers in the World. Our loud voices and poor manners abroad, particularly when it came to understanding other cultures, were the butt of many jokes. Then for a time, we enjoyed a brief respite from that unsavory title. It was reclaimed …

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Staying Connected Abroad

How To Stay Connected Abroad

Whether you’re travelling for work, are a digital nomad or just need to check in on your business at home, staying connected abroade is becoming an increasingly important. A few things will influence how you decide to stay connected when travelling overseas. Your budget, your destination, your country of residence, how …

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